Supine Extension Traction

Supine Extension Traction


Purpose: To be used as an aid in restoring the cervical lordosis.  Traction is generally performed off the edge of the bed. Weighted harness provides both extension and long axis traction. Generally used with a fulcrum or roll for neck support (sold separately

 Description: Soft, comfortable, universal harness w/ adjustable forehead strap. Heavy duty weight bag holds up to seven pounds of rolled pennies for weight (three rolls = approximately 1 lb.) Suggested starting weight is three pounds for most adults.  Color black only.

 Comments: Although this method is generally not as effective as compression traction methods, it may be better tolerated by some patients due to the long axis traction component.  Supine traction also produces less traction in the upper neck and somewhat more in the lower cervicals. For this reason, many doctors prefer this method for patients who have pronounced forward head posture, loss of curve in the lower neck but an increased lordosis in the upper cervicals. We also suggest this method as an alternative for patients unable to tolerate Dakota Traction or Compression-Counterstressing Traction.

PRICE $16.00 ea.

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