Roll (3 inch or 4 inch)

Roll (3 inch or 4 inch)

from 4.75

Multi Purpose Rolls: May be used for cervical or lumbar support. Commonly used to provide support during supine extension traction. When used for cervical support the 3” roll works well for most patients but very tall patients may find the 4 “ roll more comfortable. When used for lumbar support the 4” roll will generally work well for all but the shortest patients. Many doctors are also using the 4” roll for an economical lumbar cushion for car and office. Made of firm open cell foam.  Rolls are uncovered. Color gray. 12 inches in length.

Note: Although foam rolls have commonly been used in the past to attempt passive remodeling of the spinal curves, they are a poor substitute for a properly shaped orthotic. If your goal is to actually remodel the normal lordotic curves, as opposed to just offering some mild support, please see our S.M.A.R.T. Orthotics.

3” Roll- $3.75 ea.

4” Roll- $4.75 ea.

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