A message from Mark R. Payne DC,

I graduated from chiropractic college and immediately realized that delivering good corrective care was going to be a lot harder than I had been thought. I was able to build a busy practice in a small southern town because chiropractic adjustments are generally very good at helping patients feel better quickly. Unfortunately, it was very rare to see significant spinal correction. I’m sure most of you have experienced the same frustrations and there are two basic reasons for this: First, we now know that chiropractic adjustments, regardless of technique, do very little to actually correct the overall alignment of the spine. Second, correcting spinal structure is hard! It’s not necessarily complicated, but it definitely requires hard work. Within a few years of graduation, many of my colleagues gave up completely on corrective care and resigned themselves to simply adjusting for pain relief and improved motion. They lost their vision for practice and even worse, their patients didn’t receive the spinal corrections they truly needed.

By the mid eighties I had met a number of great teachers and was starting to get a better handle on how corrective care was really done. I was learning that great corrective care outcomes had a lot more to do with traction and rehab than my adjustments. As I learned, I found myself in need of products that were either overpriced or simply didn’t exist. So I started designing and manufacturing some of the items I needed in my own practice. Eventually a few of my colleagues wanted to buy some products and before you knew it, I was “in business”.

By 1988, I incorporated my little company as Matlin Mfg. Inc. (named after my kids Matt and Lindsey) Our products grew out my experience as a corrective care practitioner (24 years),  a seminar instructor for a nationally known technique system (14 years), and the contributions of a lot of smart, creative friends and colleagues. Over the years I’ve worked hard to make this process as simple as possible for myself, our clients and most importantly, the patients we serve.

Matlin’s mission is simple as well. We bring you innovative, no-nonsense products at a fair price. You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles here. No frills or fancy packaging. Just products that work. If you’re interested in delivering great corrective care outcomes, we would love to partner in helping you to better serve your patients.


While most of our methods are pretty straightforward, eventually you may have a question. And we will be here when you do. If you are new to corrective chiropractic I would encourage you to experiment a little. If you find a product that interests you, go ahead and try it. I always guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Thanks for your interest, Doc. I hope you find our products to be a useful addition to your practice.

Thanks for your interest,

Mark R. Payne DC

President-Matlin Mfg Inc.