Compression-Counter Stressing Traction

Compression-Counter Stressing Traction

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Compression-Counterstressing Traction (aka the “Stynchula Method”) If your patient is having difficulty tolerating the Dakota Traction device, this method may offer a more comfortable alternative for restoring the cervical lordosis. In use for nearly three decades, this is also the form of extension traction most of our clients prefer for IN-office traction (see Professional Kit description).

This method requires two pieces of equipment: 1) A weighted head harness pulls the head down and backwards, and 2) a  CounterStressing Strap goes behind the neck and  pulls forward into the lordosis. The forward pull of the CounterStressing Strap also provides support for the neck to help prevent painful over extension of the facet joints, which can be an issue for some patients.  Available in both “take home” and “professional ” quality for IN-OFFICE use.

HOME KIT Includes one CET-1 Home Quality Traction unit w/ weight bag, and one CSS-1 Home Quality CounterStressing Strap.  The tabbed end of  the Home Counterstressing Strap attaches easily into any door frame. Patient instructions included.  (Weight not incl. You add weight to unit using rolled pennies (three rolls = 1 lb) We suggest 2-3 lbs as a starting weight for most adults. Available in black only.

HOME Use Kit -PRICE $26.95 EA.

PROFESSIONAL KIT - Everything you need to get started with CompressionCounterstressing Traction in the professional office. Includes one CETPRO profesiional grade traction harness with steel snap hook, three cloth weight bags for fast, easy weight changes in your office and one CSSPRO PLUS CounterStressing Traction Strap which allows for both traction PLUS resistance exercise training. Available in blue or silver.

PROFESSIONAL Use Kit - $60.50 ea.

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