X-Trac - Lumbar Extension Traction

X-Trac - Lumbar Extension Traction


Purpose: To be used as an aid in restoring the normal lumbar lordosis.

Description: This unit is suitable for both HOME and IN-OFFICE use. May be used seated (most popular) or supine. Directs extension traction force into the lumbar spine at the precise point and vector recommended by the doctor. Traction force is derived from the patient’s own body weight (supine) and/or muscular effort (seated).

Comments: HOME use can be done either supine or seated (see below). Patient inserts the tabbed end of the anchor strap into any hinged door frame about chest high and closes door to secure strap.. Patient relaxes supine on floor over the padded strap with feet touching door way. padded strap should generally be about L3-4 level (just slightly above iliac crest). Patient lifts hips slightly off floor and tightens strap to desired tension. . No need to continue holding strap once adjusted to proper tension. Quick release for easy exit. Easy installation. No tools required.

IN-OFFICE use is generally in the seated position. With strap attached to the wall of your rehab area ( See our UniRAIL Wall System), patient leans forward, tightens strap, and then “actively” extends the L-spine. Extension forces are generated via ACTIVE contraction of the lumbar extensors  providing both exercise of the extensor muscles and a forward traction effect into the lordosis.

Unit includes padded traction strap, spreader bar and adjustable anchor strap. Complete instructions for installation, supine and seated use provided. Total patient control of traction force allows every patient to start at their own comfort level and progress as they are able.  Simple design enables exact duplication of traction force from session to session.

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