The Original Dakota Traction

The Original Dakota Traction

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Correcting the cervical curve is one of the most challenging aspects of corrective chiropractic. The Dakota Traction provides proven compression traction forces to help restore lordosis and reduce associated forward head postures with a wide range of neck configurations. We recommend the Dakota Traction as the foundation of your home traction program due to its simplicity and efficacy.  It is durable, affordable and allows for traction to be performed daily at home. Patient simply places elastic band over forehead and relaxes neck backward into full extension. A single daily session of 20-30 minutes is recommended. For use only in carefully screened patients (FREE SCREENING PROTOCOL available on request.). In the event the compression loading force is not tolerated well, doctors may consider using one of our alternative products.


Mechanism: Provides extension/compression traction to stretch tight, contracted, soft tissue on the anterior aspect of the spine in order to allow for the return of the normal lordosis.  Unit is constructed of firm but comfortable open cell foam which will hold up well with repeated use. Compression traction force is provided with a single elastic band over the forehead to pull the head down and backwards,  bringing the neck back into full extension. Tension is fully adjustable and remains constant from session to session.

Volume Discounts Available- See CASE PRICING BELOW*

*SAVE By Ordering in Full Case Quantities.

Individual Units: $34.75 ea. (Less than six = Broken Case Pricing) Item# DT-1

Single Case ( 6 Units) - $178.50. Item # DT-6. Per unit price- $29.75 ea. You save $30.00.

Double Case (12 Units) - $339.00. Item # DT-1.. Per unit price $28.25 ea. You save $78.00

Triple Case (18 Units)- - $481.50. Item # DT-18. Per unit price- $26.75 ea. You save $144.00

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