Basic Resistance Module

Basic Resistance Module


If you already own either our Professional Grade Counterstressing Straps OR our XTRAC Lumbar Traction device, you can simply add the Basic Resistance Module shown here to perform a wide range of resistance exercises. Simple design employs four different thickness latex tubes into a sturdy foam handle. Resistance tubes may be used singly or in combination for  a wide range of resistance levels.

Works well for most common spine and extremity movements. Includes REHAB Module  PLUS new booklet…Spinal Basics...An Exercise in Simplicity.

NOTE: Basic Resistance Module as shown here is NOT a standalone item. This item is simply the resistance tubing portion. To attach to the wall or door it must be used in conjunction with either our PRO Grade CounterStressing Strap OR XTRAC Lumbar Traction device. You do NOT need to purchase the rehab module as shown here if you are purchasing either UniRAIL Cervical or Lumbar Traction/Rehab Modules. Both modules already include the Resistance Module.

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