UniRAIL Traction/Rehab Module (Lumbar)

UniRAIL Traction/Rehab Module (Lumbar)

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Everything needed for IN Office lumbar EXTENSION traction PLUS Basic Resistance Rehab. The X TRAC anchors to UniRAIL Wall System while the patient sits on a 15 degree seat wedge Included) to accentuate the lumbar curvature. Patient then contracts lumbar extensors against the static resistance of  X TRAC strap.(Color Silver only)  Produces both active exercise of lumbar extensors and extension traction as strap pulls forward into the lordosis. X Trac traction may also be used in the supine position if desired although most doctors prefer seated traction for IN Office applications,

Kit also includes our Basic Resistance Module which can be attached to the X Trac strap to allow for a wide range of basic spinal and extremity rehab exercise. Resistance Module has four grades of latex tubing which may be used singly or in any combination to provide a wide range of resistance levels. Complete instructions included. Limit One kit per UniRAIL purchase.   

Price $58.75 ea With Purchase of UniRAIL Wall System.


1- X TRAC Lumbar Extension Traction Unit

1- SW15 seat wedge

1- Basic Resistance Module

All Instructions for use and installation.

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