Thoracic Arch / Spacer

Thoracic Arch / Spacer

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Thoracic Arch Fulcrum: Provides economical remodeling in supine position for hyperkyphotic thoracic spines at a fraction of the cost of most thoracic arches. New interlocking base allows secure placement of spacer(s) underneath to raise arch height up as needed. Start low then add 1” spacers as your patient is able to tolerate more force. Arch Fulcrum (Item TA-1) is 3.5” Tall and 12” Wide.

Price $10.50 each.

1” Spacer Blocks:

Need more height for taller patients? Simply add 1” spacers (Item # TAS-1. Sold separately) ) as needed to create the height you need.

Price $2.75 ea.

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Note: Arch Fulcrum and 1” Spacer Blocks are sold separately.