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Principled Products for Principled Chiropractors

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Simple Tools and Strategies

We strive for simple, effective applications. Our products integrate well with all styles of practice. No need to change your adjusting technique or attend lengthy seminars.

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Premium Support

Our experienced staff are here to answer any questions and make sure you get the products and information you need.

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We Don’t Break the Bank

No phony hype or fancy packaging to drive up costs. We ship manufacturer direct. No middlemen. We are dedicated to providing your patients with affordable solutions.

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Time Tested. Research Driven.

Used by thousands of chiropractors since 1987. Research proven strategies typically improve corrections by 200-300 percent over adjusting alone.  


“Matlin’s products provide real, predictable corrective care outcomes without changing your technique or investing a fortune in equipment and seminars.”

-Steve Troyanovich DC, Chiropractic Researcher, Author and Educator


“I’ve used Matlin’s products for nearly 24 years and couldn’t be happier. The traction applications are easy to use and teach patients. They work as advertised and the staff is super. I highly recommend Matlin for your corrective care products.”

— David Allen DC - Starkville MS.



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