SIB# 372 Spinal Alignment Following Breast Cancer Surgery

The Study: Changes in Spine Alignment and Postural Balance After Breast Cancer Surgery:

A Rehabilitative Point of View.

 The Facts:

a. In developed countries breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor.

 b. The authors noted there were recent articles indicating that “one-sided mastectomy or minor breast surgery to treat breast cancer” could adversely affect posture.

 c. For this study. “We conducted a case–control observational study consisting of a biomechanical evaluation of postural changes, as assessed within the sagittal and frontal planes, in female patients after surgical treatment for breast cancer and compared the postural balance control in the quiet stance.”

 d. The authors looked at 30 women who had undergone breast surgery for cancer.

 e. There was also a comparison group of 30 healthy women.

 f. Posture and postural control was measured through the use of a Formetric-4D rasterstereographic system to obtain surface measurements of posture and the use of a force platform (Kistler Instruments).

 g. Breast cancer survivors after prostheses or the use of tissue expanders for mastectomy showed a engaged in specific postural compensation visible in both the sagittal and frontal planes including anterior-posterior flexion of the trunk, surface rotation, and lateral deviation.

 h. Breast cancer survivors also demonstrated greater energy expenditure for postural balance control to the control group.

 Take Home:Breast cancer surgery affected the posture and spinal alignment of these women. These patients also have to expend more energy to maintain postural balance.

 Reviewer's Comments:

I think this is something to which we need to pay more attention. There are many more things than just accidents that cause spinal misalignment problems. They deserve more recognition. Breast cancer survivors have many challenges they all need to be addressed. This is a complex article that is difficult summarize and I recommend you read it.

 Reviewer:  Roger Coleman DC

Editor’s Comments: I second Dr. Coleman’s recommendation to read the full text article. The specific spinal changes which were noted following surgery are more than we can cover in this format. I have provided the link below.

Editor: Mark R. Payne DC

Reference: Massimiliano Mangone, Andrea Bernetti, Francesco Agostini, Marco Paoloni, Francesco A. De Cicco, Serena V. Capobianco, Arianna V. Bai, Adriana Bonifacino, Valter Santilli, and Teresa Paolucci. Changes in Spine Alignment and Postural Balance After Breast Cancer Surgery: A Rehabilitative Point of View. Biores Open Access 2019 Jul 30;8(1):121-128. doi: 10.1089/biores.2018.0045. eCollection 2019.

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Mark R. Payne DC