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     The blocks, wedges and fulcrums shown here are tools for patient positioning during treatment. Uses might include reverse posture adjusting, spinal remodeling, to facilitate manipulation, massage, therapy applications, or any other reason the doctor thinks appropriate. Our pelvic-thoracic (P/ PW-Blocks) and cervical (C/CW- Blocks) fulcrums are of firm durable crosslinked layers of polyethylene foam bonded unless otherwise stated.

     Layered foam is bonded to a bottom layer of non-slip neoprene so blocks can be safely stacked if needed . Color gray. May vary. Very tough and durable.

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Patient Positioning

Cervical Blocks

Firm, durable, cross linked layers of polyethylene foam ...

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Cervical Wedge

Cervical Wedge for lateral head flexion 6"L x 8"W x 4"H

Sales price: $7.25

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Large Pyramid Fulcrums

Use to position patients into lateral flexions or to ...

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Pelvic Wedge

Use to introduce pelvic/sacral rotation... Great take home ...

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Pelvic/Thoracic Blocks

Used to position the patient for postural adjusting ...

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ProAdjusting Set

Every size and shape needed for placements of patients into ...

Sales price: $119.75

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Starter Set

Basic set of adjusting blocks and fulcrums for students or ...

Sales price: $51.75

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